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The availability of reference tissue samples represent a fundamental element to set up and develop molecular techniques to be used for the identification of species in the fisheries sector.

For this reason, the FishLab has created its own database, in continuously updated, for the management of fish samples (and other organisms) that have been collected over the years thanks to international collaborations. For some samples, the sequences of the mitochondrial genes most commonly used for species identification (cytb , COI and 16s rRNA ), have already been produced in the context of scientific publications and deposited in the major scientific databases accessible via the web (BOLD and GenBank ) .

The FishLab provides samples to other research laboratories in an exchange policy . In particular, tissue samples, and the relative DNA, are available and are exchanged with other specimens of species required for the ongoing projects in our laboratory.

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(Italiano) Report Oceana 2016

(Italiano) Report Oceana 2016

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