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  1. Xiong, X., Yao, L., Ying, X., Lu, L., Guardone, L., Armani, A., Guidi A., & Xiong, X. (2017). Multiple fish species identified from China’s roasted Xue Yu fillet products using DNA and mini-DNA barcoding: Implications on human health and marine sustainability. Food Control, 88, 123-130.
  2. Xiong, X., Guardone, L., Giusti, A., Castigliego, L., Gianfaldoni, D., Guidi, A., & Andrea, A. (2016). DNA barcoding reveals chaotic labeling and misrepresentation of cod (鳕, Xue) products sold on the Chinese market. Food Control60, 519-532.

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(Italiano) Report Oceana 2016

(Italiano) Report Oceana 2016

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